With the World Cup kicking off today, we thought it would be fun to put together some football (yeah, that's right, I said football!) Vines that will get you ready for the action! 

1: Ronaldinho's Insane Upper 90 Goal vs. England!

2: Dimitar Berbatov's Amazing Skill To Set Up Ronaldo!

3: Torsten Frings With A Ridiclious Upper 90 Goal!

4: Four Broken Ankles & An Upper 90 Goal From Distance!

5: David Beckham Bending It, Well, Like Beckham!

6: Robin Van Persie's Epic Free-kick Goal During Training!

7: A Little Fancy Footwork & You Just Tap It In!

Bonus: Not A Goal, But Definitely An Awesome Moment! Zinedine Zidane's Infamous Headbutt!

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